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Going No Contact with a Narcissist will be the Longest & Toughest Road You Will Ever Travel

You may find this especially hard while the world is going through the COVID-19 health crisis, or any crisis. The Narcissist won’t change their behavior because of what’s going on in the world.  As a matter of fact, their behaviors could be worse.  What is going on affects everyone, not just the Narcissist, however they still may try to make it all about themselves. They may even try to guilt you into believing they have contracted the illness.

There is a difference between going through the storm with someone vs. going through the storm because of someone. Don’t confuse the two.

Having an Empathic Heart, you may be feeling doubt, guilt and a need to express your empathy. Remember, if you feel the need to contact them, things might seem like they are different initially, but BEWARE this is only for a short period of time. They now know they have you on the hook again.  It won’t be long before they revert right back to their prior behaviors of their own self-importance and abuse. 

Use this time of social distancing – self isolation – or whatever your community is calling it to your advantage to reinforce the “no contact”.  Focus on things you enjoy doing. Catch up on projects you haven’t had time to accomplish. Do some things for yourself such as self-care and self-love.  Reach out to others that love you, support you, and you haven’t had time to connect with.

Be Strong – Don’t contact the Narcissist.

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